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Hokkaido bio report 2006

As of April 7, 2006
Hokkaido Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

METI Hokkaido has been conducting various activities to strategically promote formation and development of the Hokkaido Bio Technology Industrial Cluster, since we have initiated the ''Hokkaido Super Cluster Promotion Project'' in 2001.

To effectively and efficiently support development of bio-industry in Hokkaido, METI Hokkaido has edited the ''Hokkaido bio report 2006'' which depicts the outline of Hokkaido-Bio.

Contents of the English summary of ''Hokkaido bio report 2006''

  1. Outline of the Hokkaido Bio-Industrial Cluster.
  2. The growing Hokkaido Bio-Cluster.
  3. Problems of the Hokkaido bio-tech companies (-problems to be solved for further development).


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